At Keith Morgan Golf we will accelerate the learning process so you will lower your score and get results faster than any other form of teaching/instruction available. By focusing on the Golfing Mindset, the Keys to Scoring and Purposeful Practice. We will get you to your results - we guarantee it.
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How do I get signed up?
Sign up online our website. Go to the Coaching tab on the website, pick your course location, then pick the adult program that works for you and, create your own account that will track all the information required.
What is the cost?
Our adult coaching program is the best value in golf instruction and the actual cost will vary based on the package you select and your commitment level. The results are guaranteed and the price is lower than any private instructor price.
Do you offer private golf instruction?
We do private lessons alongside our coaching programs for those of who would like it at additional cost. All players must be in a coaching program for a minimum of 12 weeks to get their base understating before getting private lessons.
Do you use swing video analysis?
Yes. We use video analysis to help the player understand their swing characteristics in combination with how the tour pros do it. Our goal with the video is not to make a player swing like someone else but to give them a visual perspective in case certain changes are needed.
What is covered in each class?
We determine the goals of the each player and create specific drill, games and test for each player that will best help them achieve their goals.
Will I be playing with players of my ability?
Yes. This is why the teams are invite only. We work to fit the right players in the right teams so they are competitive and at the same time great fun.
Do you have a philosophy in order to be successful at golf?
We believe that in order to be successful at golf you have to practice with a purpose, have the right mental approach and understand how to manage your game on the course, with all these areas covered only then can you achieve your golfing potential.
Do you have a swing philosophy?
Yes, we believe that each golfer as an individual has an internal swing that we coach them how to find. We believe as coaches that the result is inside you and we have to help you to learn what works for you. We try to implement minimal technical changes so that the changes are understandable and repeatable, bring the consistency and confidence you desire.
How can I find out if the program is a good program in right for me?
Sign up for our $95 special a 2.5 hour on course playing lesson, range balls and greens fees included. In game on course session we will get to know your game, goals and areas of improvement to create an individualized improvement to assure you achieve your golfing goals.
What is Coaching Vs Instruction?
It's simple: a Coach gives you what you need to achieve your goals as he accountable for you achieving success. If your looking for quick fixes or just swing work this is not for you. This is for players that want to break through to the next level by understanding how to manage their thinking, learn how to score on the course and learn how to practice with a purpose so that they can achieve their potential at golf.
Is it a money back guarantee?
No the guarantee is about achieving you goal, not getting your money back. That's why we'll coach you for free if you don't meet your goal.
How does the Guarantee work? What's the catch?
The catch is you have to show up and do what we coach you. We ask you to commit to 10 session over 12 week. If you do not achieve your goal we will continue to teach you for free till you get their.
What sort of results can I expect?
We guarantee our results, so expect to achieve your goals.
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